Larkin's Secret Wine Society is designed to offer our guests who have a distinguished palate for wine (which is all of our guests) an opportunity to try some rare, interesting or just plain delicious wines that you won't find on our regular list. 



Larkin's is proud to be honored with the Wine Spectator Award for our winelist.  This is a way to get some interesting wines into the glasses of our distinguished guests. 


**Our free-to-join Secret Wine Society offers many benefits:


            • Early notification of upcoming special wine-maker dinner & liquor events

            • Special "Member Only" wines and promotions

            • Previews of wine menu changes and special purchases

January's Star Producer

January's Featured Winery: Anne Pichon Wines

Featured Wines


Anne Pichon Sauvage Vermentino, Rhone, FR 2018 | 9  / 36


Anne Pichon Sauvage Gris Montagne, Rosé de Ventoux, FR 2018 | 8 / 32



Anne Pichon Sauvage Grenache Noir, Rhone, FR 2018 | 11 / 44

Anne Pichon Sauvage Syrah / Grenache, Rhone, FR 2017 | 10 / 40

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