It's no secret that Larkin's is staple, top-notch establishment in Greenville, SC. It's something that has taken time, attention to detail and most of all— an incredibly talented executive team. 


When Larkin and Mark Hammond cultivated and joined forces with the executive team, fireworks erupted. Larkin with her flair to create unique designs, Mark with his focus for business and Chef Adam's culinary background & passion for service and Kristina's dedication to creating incredible events and experiences— it was just meant to be. 


Everyday they uphold and further this vision with an unwavering attention to detail and a true devotion to pleasing guests. Their culinary model and visions allow guests to be themselves and eat amazing food. There is not a moment when one of the talented team members isn’t making sure you have the experience you expect and deserve.

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Larkin Hammond

Chief Creative Officer

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Mark Hammond

President / CEO


Kristina Murphy

Executive Vice President

Restaurants & Catering


Chef Adam Hayes

Executive Vice President

Restaurants & Culinary

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Bruce Wise

Vice President

Restaurant Operations & Fine Dining